Pakistani users are increasingly attracted to betting sites that, in addition to delivering entertainment, also promote sustainability. For Melbet (, one of the priorities in this area is to get its partners to use biodegradable packaging. Let’s find out what areas are being worked on and why you should look out for this betting site. 

What Biodegradable Packaging is for

At the beginning of our Melbet review, let’s understand what biodegradable packaging is. It refers to a type of material that can be recycled naturally with the help of living microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae. In other words, nature itself is practically responsible for waste utilisation in this sense. 

The Melbet team sees the use of biodegradable packaging in a global sense: you are actually giving back to the environment what you have taken from it for commercial purposes. Biodegradable packaging helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills after sporting events and reduce air pollution. 

Best Biodegradable Packaging According to Melbet

More and more organisers of sporting events that you can bet on in the Melbet India catalogue are offering their audience the most environmentally friendly packaging from biodegradable material. And certain trends have already emerged in this area. So, the following options can be attributed to the most productive and efficient types of raw materials: 

  • Corn starch – this unique material is similar to plastic in its properties, as it has the same strength and provides good protection against the sun’s colour, so it is often used at sports matches to produce water bottles, packaging containers and other attributes. The price of this raw material is also quite low, which allows it to be used for mass-produced products. There are also no problems with disposal – in just a few months, corn starch breaks down into carbon dioxide and water; 
  • Mushrooms – packaging made from this biomaterial is produced in a very unusual way. It uses agricultural waste, which undergoes several stages of purification until it is turned into a powder. The resulting mass is combined into individual elements with the help of a matrix of mushroom roots, the so-called mycelium, as a result of which they fuse and form a solid shape of any variation. Mushrooms are also involved in scavenging – mycelium forms the boundaries of waste growth, thereby protecting the outside world from its spread; From these basic materials, any shape can be created; 
  • Seaweed – contains agar agar, which is the optimum substance for producing tough and durable packaging that can decompose in as little as four to six weeks, and also helps to significantly reduce ocean acidity during the disposal process; 
  • Cellulose is the classic variation of biodegradable packaging, which is produced from wood or cotton. The print quality and durability of the manufactured products are just as good as other formats, so the popularity of cellulose film is extremely high. It can take from 28 to 120 days for the film to be recycled, which is influenced by the presence or absence of a special coating on the surface of the packaging; 
  • Paper and cardboard are traditional types of biodegradable packaging that are often used in place of plastic. They require wood for production, which also affects the environment, so the Melbet casino team recommends that sports organisers switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

More and more Melbet online users are noticing how the principles of sports matches are changing and how this process is influenced by sustainable development. This is how we can make the passion for sport not only enjoyable, but also useful. 

How to Use Biodegradable Packaging

The Melbet actively promotes the ideas of sustainable development to the masses: not only encouraging suppliers and organisers of sporting events to follow green stadium rules, but also sharing useful information and tips. Below you will find instructions on how to integrate biodegradable packaging into your production processes. 

Choice of Material

The material for packaging should not only be environmentally friendly, but also applicable to the manufacturing characteristics of your product. The Melbet betting team therefore recommends paying attention to shape, mass and functional application as key factors in choosing which components to use. It is important that materials are also recyclable, which in the long run will not only protect the environment from excess waste, but will also help you to optimise your production processes. 

Purchase of Raw Materials

Not all companies and organisers, according to the Melbet review, are ready to purchase professional biodegradable equipment. Crushing, sorting and shredding take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, you can contract with a contracting company and buy ready-made packaging from them. In some cases, the designers will even be able to replicate the desired shape. In doing so, you will be able to agree to recycle your own packaging, which will significantly reduce production costs and make product creation more sustainable. 


Any brand wants to stand out from the competition, so overuse of ink can be significantly harmful to the environment. Therefore, Melbet India recommends that you look for more eco-friendly variations with low VOC content. These inks usually contain only water, acetone or ethanol.

By using biodegradable packaging, you can give back to the earth its resources and get new materials for production. This sustainable cycle has a positive impact on both the environment and the economy, which is why the Melbet casino team is so active in promoting these principles to the masses. 

Melbet Overview

If you still haven’t registered Melbet login India, then be sure to study the information about this unique project for online sports betting in Pakistan. Today, its system capabilities are represented not only by a website, but also by a special mobile application based on Android and iOS. From day one, Melbet has been operating under international licence 8048/JAZ2020-060 from the government of Curaçao, which makes it absolutely safe and legal for users. 

The most popular and relevant sporting events are waiting for you, especially in the direction of Melbet cricket. For the most active bettors there are live broadcasts with the possibility to make a live bet right in the course of the event. All transactions can be made in a currency convenient for you – EUR, USD, PKR, INR and other variations. If you have any questions about the technical side of the project, you can consult the support team via email or online chat, or even call the hotline.

Also, all new users get the opportunity to take part in a welcome promotion from the Melbet team. Thus, for sports betting it is 100% with the opportunity to get up to 30,000 PKR, for online casino games – up to 330,000 PKR and 290 freespins.  

Melbet login India registration will open up sustainable and safe betting opportunities for you.

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